Abiturienten auf Studienfahrt

… between the train and the platform. These three words “Mind the Gap” have accompanied us throughout our study trip to London all the time. We, the class 12c of 2020, spent our final class trip in the capital of Great Britain and we took the underground, or as Londoners call it: The Tube, for almost everywhere we went to.
First Stop: Tower Hill Station
It is always hard to find the right way in a big city, so we had wandered around for a while until we finally found our hostel, Wombat’s City Hostel. Highlights of our trip were visiting Windsor Castle and a bike tour through London. We wore helmets and warning vests, so that the other road users were warned of our cycling skills. We saw almost every sight London has to offer and even witnessed a serious accident with a cyclist and jogger. Exploring London by bike is a great alternative to the underground.
Next Stop: Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Urban Outfitters
When you are in a metropolis in Europe like London a shopping spree is a must, as well as enjoying fish and chips at the Themes. The culinary scene in London in general is outstanding. Therefore, our pocket money did not only suffer from clothing expenses but also from terrific food.
Next Stop: Victoria Station
Watching the musical “Wicked” literally enchanted us, whereas “As You Like It” in the Shakespeare Globe Theatre really does come from an earlier century. Nevertheless, it was an educative experience. You want a fancy way to end a sensational sightseeing day and theatre visit in the evening? Stopping at Sky Garden would be a fantastic opportunity to do so. In a very fashionable way with a view from the 35th floor of a skyscraper in Central London and delicious drinks you can end the evening or the night.
Next Stop: Wombats City Hostel, WomBar
Yes, the WomBar is the creatively named bar of the hostel. During a karaoke session we did not only improve our singing skills but also bonded with our fellow classmates.
Even though London held big surprises for us, and we almost missed our flight back home, we have experienced the British culture in all its extraordinary glory!

Franca Ballmann, Clara-Sophie Häupl
Fotos:      Klasse 12c und Transport for London Press Images